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SBV 603 Series Slant Back Static Vents
SBV 603 Series Slant Back Static Vents
SBV 603 Series Slant Back Static Vents
SBV 603 Series Slant Back Static Vents

SBV 603 Series Slant Back Static Vents

  • SKU: SBV 603 GV
  • Product Type: Residential
  • Barcode: 047242761238

Unit available in mill, black, brown, or weathered grey in galvanized steel, or black, brown, or weathered grey in textured aluminum.

Static Roof Vents are an essential part to a balanced ventilation system in residential attic spaces. This vent model features a 3-sided design for greater airflow and has louvers that direct exhausted air upward to prevent discoloration of roof shingles and provide maximum protection from weather. Easy installation as the unit can be secured to the roof using roofing sealant and approved roofing nails or staples. Save on energy costs by reducing strain on heating and cooling systems while helping to prolong shingle life and protecting roofing components with this vent.


  • Available in aluminum or galvanized steel construction with rodent-proof screen
  • Factory assembled for easy install. Suitable for installs up to an 8/12 roof pitch.
  • Provides 51 sq. in. of NFA
Instructions Click Here for Instructions
Primary Color Multiple Options Available
Secondary Color None
Material Details Available in Aluminum Textured or Galvanized Steel
NFA Provides 51 sq. in.
Dimensions 16 in. x 20 in. (Base) and 8 in. diameter (Opening)
Unit Weight 8 lbs.
Alias SKU(s) SBV 603: Aluminum, textured Mill finish
SBV 603 GV: Galvanized Steel, Mill finish
SBV 603 BLACKTX: Aluminum, Textured Black finish
SBV 603 BROWNTX: Aluminum, Textured Brown finish
SBV 603 GVBLK: Galvanized Steel, Black finish
SBV 603 GVBRN: Galvanized Steel, Brown finish
SBV 603 GVWG: Galvanized Steel, Weathered Grey finish
SBV 603 GVWGUPS: Galvanized Steel, Weathered Grey finish, Plain Shipping Carton
SBV 603 WGTX: Aluminum, Textured Weathered Grey finish
Single Product UPC 047242581294
Multi UPC Info SBV 603: 047242700541; 047242580273 (QTY 6)
SBV 603 GV: 047242761238; 047242581034 (QTY 6)
SBV 603 BLACKTX: 047242762006; 047242762013 (QTY 6)
SBV 603 BROWNTX: 047242762020; 047242762037 (QTY 6)
SBV 603 GVBLK: 047242761252; 047242581058 (QTY 6)
SBV 603 GVBRN: 047242761269; 047242581065 (QTY 6)
SBV 603 GVWG: 047242761245; 047242581041 (QTY 6)
SBV 603 GVWGUPS: 047242581294
SBV 603 WGTX: 047242762044; 047242762051 (QTY 6)

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